Capsicum: Nature’s Own Analgesic

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Allopathic medical community is becoming more and more aware of the importance of herbs in healing and inadequacy of lab-generated bunch of chemicals (Well, of course herbs comprises of organic chemicals but synthesized by Mother Nature based on some unknown recipes). Capsicum is one of them and it is currently under research in many pharmaceutical labs. Some medicines based on capsicum is already synthesized and available in the market.

The compound called capsaicin in capsicum is found to block signals of pain to spinal cord and then to the hypothalamus. So many researchers consider it can be used to treat neuralgia, pain associated with herpes zoster and postoperative amputation trauma. Some other analgesic purposes include pain relief from toothache; reduce symptoms of seasickness and in treatment of fevers like malaria.

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A kitchen remedy used by many for migraine and cluster headache is to put capsicum inside the nose. Some also used it topically to reduce nerve pain associated with diabetes. To summarize, there is no wrong in considering capsicum as nature’s own analgesic.

The triglycerides found in capsicum make it an excellent promoter of cardiovascular health by reducing bad cholesterol and thereby poor blood circulation. Capsicum in diet can cure diarrhea, stomach pain and cramps.

5 Steps to Eliminate Liver Pain Now

After seeing a doctor and being properly diagnosed, here are a few simple steps you can take to reduce or eliminate liver pain altogether

Step #1 – Drink Water

Doing this along has been shown to eliminate liver pain in some patients. Since your liver is a giant filter for the blood, and the blood is primarily water, this process makes sense. Pick up a glass of water and you may experience relief.

Step #2 – Stop Drinking Alcohol

One of the primary causes of liver damage is alcohol intake. Even if you drink very little, put down the booze entirely for one month. This will give you time to recuperate and potentially solve the pain problem altogether.

Step #3 – Stop all non-Prescription Medications

Certain medications can destroy your liver, and cause miserable pain over time. Try to eliminate any medications you don’t need and see how you feel. The most common problem causers are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.).

Step #4 – Change Your Diet

Start by cutting out the junk food from your diet. From there, you can focus on eating low-glycemic carbohydrates and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Well there are infact 20 more rules while chosing food for cirrhosis.

Step #5 – Exercise Daily

Simply walking 30 minutes per day will reverse any insulin resistance you have built up, and will allow your liver to begin repairing itself. No need to start marathon training or heavy weights, just focus on walking every day.

There is so Much More to Improving Liver Health

As you can see, there are several distinct steps you can take to stop liver pain in its tracks. Of course, there is only so much information I can shoe-horn into one article. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. What I have outlined above is actually the “hard stuff” when it comes to liver health. I’ve found several much simpler steps…

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